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Vaccine Update – December 2017

Reporting unused flu vaccine ordered  for children’s flu Any vaccine that has expired or remains unused at the end of the season must be recorded on ImmForm using the Stock Incident page.  When recording, ensure you select the appropriate reason. This is to ensure all stock is accounted for & supports efforts to reduce the […]

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Vaccine ordering information for the children’s national flu vaccination programme

Information for 2017 to 2018 GPs will be subject to allocation based controls similar to last year. However, this year the timing and levels of changes to the allocations have been set out in advance, based on ordering patterns from last season to help planning. For more information:

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Eligibility of children for flu vaccines Giving a second dose of Fluenz Tetra The patient information leaflet provided with LAIV states that children should be given two doses of this vaccine if they have not had flu vaccine before. However, the Joint committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) considers that a second dose of the vaccine provides only modest additional […]

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REMOTE – Seasonal Flu 17/18

Seasonal Flu Campaign – this is a critical programme for Primary Care for both patient care & practice income. Our 2-part REMOTE Flu 17/18 dial-in service includes: Patients included in target groups including over 65s, at risk categories & patients aged 2 & 3 Protocol/patient alerts & appropriate recall systems put in place Identification of patients […]

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Community pharmacists provided 1m flu jabs in 2016/17

  Community pharmacists in England administered 950,765 flu vaccinations to patients under the national NHS flu vaccination service in 2016/17. The NHS Business Services Authority has published a report detailing the community pharmacy contractors who signed up to provide the service, as well as the NHS England area, vaccines administered, and drug and fee costs. […]

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Shingles 2017

Shingles was previously offered to patients aged 70 years with a phased catch-up programme.  From the 1st April 2017, they have simplified the programme – eligibility has changed to the date a patient turns 70 (routine) and 78 (catch-up), see date of birth ranges below.  Although this is now available from April (rather than September […]

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Calling school leavers for MenACWY

Teenagers born between 01/09/1998-31/08/1999 (2017 school leaver cohort) are now eligible for urgent catch-up with MenACWY vaccination All these young people, not only school leavers and those going on to higher education, should be invited by their GP practice for vaccination as set out in the 2017/18 GMS contract changes. In addition the following individuals […]

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