Clinical System Training

Insight’s consultants are all experts in Emis Web, TPP SystmOne and INPS Vision – they work in practice’s everyday so most importantly to you, they know and understand your business and what issues you are currently facing.

Your clinical systems are very powerful tools; in order to get the most out of them and make them work for you, your training needs to be specific to the role you play in the practice.  As with all on-site training, we do not provide modular training – this doesn’t work, you need flexible bespoke training solutions. You may identify you need training on advanced reports and searches – if you book this training with other organisations this is exactly what you will get.  Here at Insight we know this means you are likely to need read code training, QOF, prevalence, data validation, enhanced services and searches and reports – if the trainer coming to your practice does not have a vast knowledge of all these areas they cannot deliver the training you need.

“Thanks again for yesterday, you really opened up the Emis Searches for us, as I explained we haven’t actually had any training on doing searches and weren’t completely aware of all of its possibilities, but thanks to you, we are now and we will be spending many a happy hour searching away. It was great you could use data quality tidy-up searches as examples throughout our training, this helped us to process what we were learning. We have spent a good few hours today going through the data that you did for us and already have managed to increase our CHD and diabetic registers so the day has more than paid for itself! Thanks for the good work” – Jennie, Practice Manager, Liverpool

What are the most requested clinical system training topics?

Editing existing and creating new templates to aid faster but consistent data entry.
Setting up reports to ensure all services are accurately claimed for, exporting to Excel and using Excel tools to manipulate data, training practices on the more advanced reporting features such as wild cards, building complex reports and building reports to include specific criteria on outputs.
Practices often know what they want to achieve from a search, however, they don’t always know what criteria to include or how to analyse the data identified.
And how they can help identify target patients, creating new protocols, linking protocols together and linking them to F12.
Using concepts to priorities at risk/critical patients, creating new concepts (using clinical codes, medication or age related concepts), adding concepts to protocols, change how protocols work using concepts, multiple concepts within a protocol and adding alerts to the alert panel.
Include medication searches.
Including appointment searches

Whilst these are the most requested topics, we receive many other requests including training for new members of staff on areas of the clinical specific to their job role.  All of the clinical system training we deliver is tailored to the learners job role to ensure they can use the system effectively and efficiently.

(Some of the above areas are specific to certain systems and may not be available on all clinical systems)

“Excellent trainers who have a vast understanding of the clinical systems.  I was impressed with their friendly and approachable attitude and their general willingness to help the practice.  I would definitely recommend them/your organisation” – Denise, Practice Manager, West Midlands

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