Hepatitis B (newborn) babies vaccination programme 2017/18

In order to accommodate changes in the SFE from October 2017, some amendments have been made to CQRS. These will be effective in CQRS from 01/11/2017. The CQRS changes are as follows:

  • Indicator HEP002 – payment value of £9.80 added
  • Indicator HEP003 – payment value changed to £0.00 and description changed to clarify the indicator must be filled in but no payment is attached. (NB this dose is now covered as part of the Childhood Hexavalent vaccines – payment for this is covered by the target payment scheme.)
  • Indicator HEP004 – description changed to clarify that this is the completing dose.

NOTE: in order for the payment to be made, indicator HEP003 must be completed with a zero (0) value.

It has not been possible to remove this indicator altogether because CQRS needs all 4 indicators to be completed for the payment calculation to work.

These CQRS changes are for the remainder of the 2017/18 service only.  A new CQRS service will be in effect for 2018/19.

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