HR Seminars/Webinars

Practice Manager’s have to be experts in all topics and we know IT and HR are two areas where small businesses struggle to keep up.  You can’t justify employing a HR Manager, however, it can be impossible to keep up to date with all the changes in employment legislation – as with our IT offerings, we provide practical and effective HR solutions.

Many topics crop up over and over again – we have created a range of HR seminars to help you with your everyday issues:

– Excellent Customer Service
– Chaperones in Primary Care
– Handling/managing objections and complaints
– Conflict Management – dealing with difficult situations
– Telephone Techniques
– Understanding team behaviors

Seminars can be delivered to teams within an individual practice or they can be locality-based seminars.  Content will always be tailored the the needs of the audience – conflict management for receptionists/administrators will concentrate on avoiding conflict whereas for practice managers, content will also include how to manage and deal with conflict within your team.

HR Membership

Many HR issues only crop up occasionally and you just need some immediate advice on how to handle a specific situation – for example, you may just want some advice before you discipline an employee.  Insight Membership includes HR advice – annual membership costs only £60 + VAT and gives you advice and guidance on all HR and IT queries as well as access to a full document library.  Click here for more information on Insight Membership.

HR Consultancy

As a small business (just like us here at Insight), you may be facing a HR dilemma – a silly situation which wasn’t addressed has now escalated out of control and you are not sure which way to turn.  Lisa, our HR Manager, can offer on-site consultancy to help with the more challenging HR situations:

– Handling grievances, disciplinary and redundancies
– Assistance with employee relations and dealing with challenging employees
– Managing and assessing employee performance
– Managing absence – sickness, holiday and unauthorised absence

HR consultancy is tailored to your specific situation and is therefore not included in HR Membership.  For more information please contact Lisa directly on 01527 557407 or email

Recruitment – advertising practice vacancies

Advertise your practice vacancies using a national web-based job-board via Insight for a third of the price of going direct.

Internet based job boards take much of the hassle out of job advertising for employers & job hunting for applicants.

Employers have a limited budget & limited time for recruiting new staff. So, where you place your advert is key – it needs to reach maximum numbers of quality applicants first time. Local newspapers don’t always attract applicants from outside the area & the those who currently work outside of the NHS may not be aware of NHS Jobs. They will be aware of the big national job boards.

Applicants can search for opportunities listed & set up email alerts for new opportunities, ensuring your advert connects with the right people.

Thousands of jobs are applied for each month via the internet – welcome to the new way of recruiting …

For more information, please call Fiona on 01527 557407 or email

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