On-Site Training/Consultancy

Much of the training we deliver is taught in the context of your business process.  On-site bespoke training/consultancy targets learning to whom and where it is needed, based on the role staff play in your business.  This approach is very cost-effective, takes less time and delivers faster and more lasting payback.  Flexible bespoke on-site training can cost from as little as £25 per head.

The key to our training solutions is flexibility – training is delivered to both clinical and non-clinical staff in the comfort of your own familiar surroundings by expert primary care consultants who know and understand primary care.  Our bespoke training targets learning where it is needed, it can be based on the role staff play in your practice and is tailored to the appropriate level of your staff.  This approach is very cost-effective, it delivers faster and more lasting payback – ensuring you gain considerably more than your financial investment.

On-site training/consultancy can range from one-off days to regular consultancy days – many practices are unable to justify employing a permanent data/IT manager – alternatively more and more practices are employing an Insight Consultant one or two days per month – they come ready trained in all aspects of primary care IT, they are much more cost-effective than employing another member of staff, you can change their days to suit you and you can stop them at the end of each contract.  Click here to find out more information about our regular data/IT consultant service.

Whilst our on-site training may include a specific service, such as a QOF register data validation assessment, in the main we work with you to improve your knowledge and use of your clinical/IT systems and workflows.  The usual scenario is you know there is a problem but you don’t know how to fix it or you know the system can do more but you don’t understand how this can help you and you don’t have time to have a play around to find those little short-cuts that could make such a difference to the way you work.  You just need someone to come along to help advance your knowledge to help you carry out your role more efficiently.

“I just wanted to email you to let you know how impressed we were yesterday with the training you gave us. Your trainer was calm, really helpful and very clear.  We all managed to get so much from it and would like to thank you for such a great training day.  You never made us feel like we were asking too much and you covered everything we needed to know.  Staff kept commenting all afternoon how brilliant the training was and how much they enjoyed it and I completely agree with this so felt I should pass this feedback on to you. Thank you” – Marie, Practice Manager, Buckinghamshire.

So, how does this work and what solutions do we provide?

We have no ‘training programmes’ for on-site practice training – it is your time, you decide how best to use it.  Some practices just want an extra pair of hands – to re-write your QOF templates so they flow better for your nursing team, to deliver protocols/patient alerts for enhanced services or your flu campaign or to set up a series of searches/reports to ensure you are accurately claiming for all enhanced services.  Other practices want all of their practice team to have some training time – 2 hours with the admin team helping them to understand the advanced features of searches, an hour with the doctors on consultation mode, 2 hours with the nursing team on data entry templates and recall systems.  Our extensive knowledge of primary care means we can be this flexible, you should never be forced to have modular training sessions which do not suit the way you work.  Whether you have a fixed agenda or a more fluid training solution we will ensure your investment is well rewarded.

Thank you for providing excellent training for member of staff who had little knowledge of QOF + provided additional information useful to those who thought they had complete knowledge of the subject.  Information supplied will enable the practice to maximise their QOF income” – Cilla, Practice Manager, North Wales

Insight will bring years of knowledge to provide solutions for your ideas.  No more creating, running and then cross-referencing a number of searches which can take hours, we will help you set up the right searches to give you want you need in one hit.

“I didn’t think we had much on our agenda for the day training, but in true Insight style, with your guidance you opened up areas for the practice to look at and the training just exploded into a full day of information” – Anita, Practice Manager, Wirral

Regular data/IT consultancy service – a sensible alternative …

Many practices are unable to justify employing a data/IT manager – they can be a very expensive commodity & they will require lots of training before they are up to speed. The perfect alternative is to employ an Insight Consultant to work with you on a regular basis. What are the benefits of this?

– They already know & understand general practice, what is important to you & the pressures constantly heaped upon you
– They are experts on your clinical system & associated software products
– There is nothing they do not know about QoF, enhanced services, prevalence, data quality & much more
– Regular training/guidance given to your staff will help develop a confident, more productive team
– You pay a set fee which is considerably less than paying an employee
– You can change our hours to suit you – you are not stuck with an employee who is not able to change their hours to suit your changing business
– You have no additional charges such as PAYE
– You do not have to provide & fund a detailed induction programme or have any employer related responsibilities as you are not employing them

So, in a nutshell, you get a complete expert who can hit the ground running for less …

Consulting Options Available

A set number of days per month (if you have more than one site, we can split the days across your sites if this suits you better) –

– Two days per month
– One day per month
– One day every 2 months
– One day per quarter

Whilst on site, they can address any IT or HR issues you may have which may include data quality management or system house-keeping, addressing any conflict issues, QoF management and implementation of future software products, behavioural styles and any staff training & development.

Practice’s who currently employ a consultant one day per month have the reassurance that their IT or HR issues are picked up and addressed. Many practices opt for an IT Consultant one day per month, however, a couple of their days throughout the year they request a HR Consultant instead to assist them with a specific issue. These days ensure that your team can ask any questions they may have and help to build confidence & teamwork.

“We find having Matt on a regular consultancy basis very helpful for the practice.  We can use his expertise and knowledge in a number of ways and it complements the level of knowledge of other practice staff, meaning we don’t have to dedicate a lot of other staff time on the more complex work that is sometimes required.  This is especially useful with any annual QOF new requirements or other national changes. It is also helpful that Matt has knowledge of how other surgeries work as that can be a way of sharing good practice.” – Sharon, Practice Manager, Barnstaple

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