REMOTE – bite-sized dial-in services

The perfect solution for many practices to address an issue you may have which would not justify paying for a consultant to come to the practice – each service only £60 inc VAT

QOF – HF, HF due to LVSD & Osteoporosis

Did you know you can increase your QOF income each year by thousands of £’s by making simple changes to your coding? We know these disease areas can seriously catch practices out and affect practice income – simple coding changes can increase your income in these areas by thousands of £’s and ensure you are paid for the work you have already done.  Make a difference to your income this year without any additional work –

Flu Claims

The perfect back-up to ensure you have claimed for ALL flu vacs administered – CQRS claims and FP34D claims.  It is so easy to miss patients – moved away or pregnant patients delivered in the same month as flu vac given, incorrect use of codes or patient not included in criteria (use of 9OX4 code for carers, MS, etc) to name but a few.  £9.80 for each claim missed can soon add up, especially if you are also not claiming your FP34D (£17 total).

Order online or request an order form –


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