Off-the-shelf courses or short seminar-style training is very beneficial to learners & it is extremely cost-effective – it delivers the key messages your staff need to know to carry out their job effectively. Long training courses simply don’t make sense to us – 80% will be quickly forgotten because it is not put into practice, much of the content is just not relevant to your staff. Our training is totally focused on your business & the roles your staff play in your business, we only teach topics which need to be learnt. A short memorable course which is 100% focused on your business is extremely relevant & will ensure that those key messages are retained & put into practice.  Please see list of the most requested topics below – click on the topic of your choice for more information.

QOF annual changes seminars (S,W)Clinical System Seminars - Emis Web/SystmOne (S) *Excellent Customer Service (S,W)
Effective use of Exception Codes (S,W)Information Governance (S,M)Handling Objections & Complaints (S)
Implementing & Managing Enhanced Services (S,W) Read Codes V2 & CTv3 – beginners, refreshers, advanced (S,W)Conflict Management – dealing with difficult situations (S)
Prevalence/QOF Register Optimisation – unlock practice income (S,W)Summarising Patient Records (S,W)Grievance & Discipline (S)

Chaperones (S,M)
QOF back to basics (S,W)Medical Terminology for non-medical staff (S)Understanding/Managing Team Behaviours (S)
*Clinical System Seminar Programmes are available upon request. Content can be tailored to the needs of your practice or your locality group.
S = Seminar | W = Webinar | M = Management Training Pack

“I really enjoyed the SystmOne Clinical System Seminar, it was exactly as described, the course tutor was extremely knowledgeable on the subject, the bite size topics were flexible to everyone’s needs (meaning that if we knew what was being talked about it could lead on to a more in depth look) and what was very good was doing it on a ‘live’ system. The length of the session was also good as were the course materials” – Gail, Administrator, West Sussex

Insight’s annual Changes to QOF seminars are hugely anticipated events – we run a complete road show programme up and down the country.  However, all seminars can also be delivered at your request – either for an individual practice (ideal for protected learning sessions) or as locality sessions (for a group of local practices or organised by the CCG/HB).

“As a practice nurse I have never been trained or explained about read codes or their importance. Found the whole session really informative and hopefully will help to make my job easier; very interesting course and as a result I have learnt a lot more than I already knew despite using read codes for many years” – Practice Nurse, Shropshire

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