Delen is NHS Digital’s specialist collaboration and information sharing platform for the national terminology and classifications standards – including SNOMED –

There are many training resources, documents, data quality resources, etc, all to help practices prepare for the SNOMED implementation.  Whilst all systems must have implemented SNOMED by April next year, dual coding will be available for a time to help ease practices in gently.  Details on dual coding can be found here:  – scroll to ‘FACT SHEETS’ Dual coding will be second one down.


We will be working closely with NHS Digital to ensure we are giving practices the right information and key messages at the right time as advised by them. In the meantime, we recommend practices start to look at some of the resources available, especially overview and awareness webinars provided by NHS Digital, however, we would urge you not to panic at this stage.  House-keeping would also be recommended especially in terms of searches.  If you have searches on your system which have not been run for more than 12 months, do you still need them?  If not, delete them.  The tidier your resources when you come to ‘transition’ to SNOMED all the better – and a good spring clean even in mid-winter is always a good thing!

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